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Understanding Bird Control

Oct 18

Many pest control specialists get frustrated with bird control projects. We get it. It can be challenging. Here are three tips to make your job easier.

  1. Do not touch the skin

Bird pheromones have an influence on bird behavior. Birds that have produced generational offspring will almost always return to the nesting site. Make sure to properly remove bird waste and get rid of all odors using the right products. All cleaning products don't work. You need to be aware of which products produce permanent results.

  1. Hot Spot Treatments

A hot spot is a treatment area that can be used to treat large and complex birds. Your customer should be informed about your plans to establish a testing area. This will ensure that you get the best results and long-term success. This smart strategy will both save you time and increase your profits.

  1. Professional Consultation

A trained professional can help you if you're new to bird work, or if you have a complicated job. An expert in bird biology will help you find the best solution. A relationship with someone you trust will help you find new bird jobs and free up time for other tasks.

Pest birds have caused extensive damage to crops, commercial building bird control, and warehouse supplies over the years. These products have been installed by the bird control industry, which has continued to develop new technology solutions. These products are designed to protect property owners and those who use them.

Property owners and bird control experts are not always open to new products. The tried-and-true bird spikes and shock wire products, as well as netting, can prove to be extremely effective. However, new technology can often accomplish a primary goal faster. Clear explanations can be helpful when experts recommend new technology solutions to bird control.

Top New Technology Solutions for Bird Control

In every industry, technology can offer new solutions to old problems. Bird control is not an exception. Eagle Eye, and Optical Gel are two of the most innovative products in bird control.

Although they may be very different products Eagle Eye and Optical Gel rely on the reflection UV rays to deter birds in specific areas. You can determine which product is best for you or your business based on the unique way it works.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is a product designed to prevent birds from entering buildings 150 feet away. It can be used in situations where heavy bird pressure is not yet in progress. This system is composed of several devices that work together to create an airspace deterrent. Eagle Eye works by reflecting sunlight in an unusual pattern to make birds feel threatened as they approach.

Optical Gel

Optical Gel is a multi-sensory repellent that helps birds avoid landing and roosting. The product reflects ultraviolet rays to create an optical illusion, as well as other smell and touch deterrent qualities. This product is small and contains natural materials such as peppermint oil (agar), citronella and beeswax. The Optical gel disc is currently the only proven and tested bird repellent. It's multi-sensory, high-pressure and professional grade. It is GRAS (Generally Considered Safe) and does not contain any pesticides.

How can you use new technology to control birds?

Being a bird control specialist is crucial. It's essential to be able to make recommendations that meet the needs of customers. However, it can be challenging to describe how new products could be more effective or efficient.

Newer products can look like a scam to property owners who have depended on spikes or netting for years. Even professionals with years of experience can find it difficult to trust new technology. Eagle Eye and Optical Gel offer unique properties that other solutions do not.

It is important to understand the reasons these products are worth your time. Eagle Eye is a long-range product. It creates menacing flashes by reflecting sunlight and deterring birds. Optical gel is a near-range deterrent that has exclusionary qualities. It reflects sunlight back to birds within a foot.

What is the Effectiveness of Reflection in Bird Control?

Eagle Eye and Optical Gel have different strengths that suit different situations. They both depend on the primary deterrent of sunlight reflecting off of them. Although birds aren't afraid to see the sun, patterns created by it mimic specific threats they face in their natural habitats.

Common descriptions can be used to describe the way birds see the optical illusions created using Optical Gel or Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye is thought to distribute reflections and shadows in a way similar to how birds see predators when they are above them while flying. Optical gel is commonly described as flames or smoke by birds. These descriptions can make the utility of such a product less plausible.

There is no way to determine how birds see different reflections from the sun's radiation. However, we know that reflections in flight can cause birds to become disoriented. The sun's rays from these products can be reflected onto birds, which can cause irritation to their eyes. This causes them to change their course. This causes the bird to see a smaller area or a specific ledge less attractive as a place they can visit and make their home.

New tools with improved results

The effectiveness of exclusionary products such as spikes or netting is still a proven method of bird control. New technology can be used in combination with other methods or alone to provide a more effective and cost-effective solution.

Eagle Eye and Optical Gel both deter birds from flying, which is a major benefit. This means that property owners can prevent a problem from developing. This is significant as it significantly reduces the damage done by pest birds.

One caveat to this benefit is that only a reflective solution can be used in situations of high bird pressure, where birds are nesting. Optical Gel, however, takes deterrence to a new level with its multi-sensory capabilities. It is not only unpleasant for birds to see but also because of its smell and sticky texture. Optical gel is approved for all bird pressure situations. If properly installed, it also has a 100% efficacy.

Overcoming Customer Hesitance

If property owners are reluctant or unable to find new solutions, you can still install the traditional solutions that will solve your problem. Customers should be informed about the possible benefits of these products. Eagle Eye and Optical Gel are both visually pleasing products that provide property owners with aesthetically appealing solutions.

An informed decision is the best thing when it comes to pest bird control. To provide the best pest control service, it is important to have the right information before you start any project. Solid Avian Solutions has the expertise to answer your questions about new technology for bird control.

Solid Avian Solutions

Solid Avian Solutions has been a leader in bird control. We prevent birds from nesting, landing, and roosting. We are experts in urban bird control and can help you remove them humanely. Our website, , hosts a wealth of content to help people understand and identify bird control solutions for various problems with pest birds.


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